Kibana Training for data analysis and visualization

Become a Kibana master.

This Kibana training covers the entire usage of this data exploration and data visualization tool. Understanding the data model, exploring and searching data will be taught, along with all possible data visualizations. We will also cover creating dashboards, including sharing and securing them.

Course outline


  • - Architecture. Use with the stack.
  • - Kibana use cases. ELK, IOT, search engine solutions.

Dev tools and low level request (basics introduction)

  • - Querying elasticsearch basics to actually understand what is behind the graphs.
  • - Store a document in elasticsearch via dev tools.
  • - Query DSL and search. Figure out how requests are composed.
  • - Aggregations and analytics.

Index patterns

  • - Create / select an index pattern.
  • - Minimum confiuration needed.
  • - Script field: dynamic / run time data.


  • - Explore / discover data.
  • - Timefield for time series data.
  • - Searches.Query language KQL, lucene and using search bar.
  • - Local and global filter. Cutom query in filters.
  • - Backup and share requests.

Visualisations / graphs

  • - Common settings for all visualisations.
  • - Bucket, sub bucket and metrics: how to choose the correct Aggregations.
  • - Visulations panorama: Area. Controls. Coordinate Map. Data Table.Gauge. Goal.Heat map. Horizontal bar. Line. Markdown. Metric. Pie. Region map. Tag cloud. Timelion. Vega. Vertical bar. Visual builder.
  • - Save and share visualisations.
  • - Timelion. Why timelion: graphs on time series and multiple index.
  • - Vega: deeper into visualisation complexity. Data-visualisation low level and data processing / preparation.

Dashboard: compose visualisations.

  • - Create a dashboard with saved visualisations.
  • - Real time dashboard filtering.
  • - Save and share dashboards.

Other features

  • - Spaces: multiple work spaces.
  • - Canvas. Infographie like data visualisations.
  • - Maps
  • - Logs: Introduction. tail -F for Kibana.
  • - Administer elasticsearch and manage indices.

2 days up to 4 days.

I can modulate the duration for your company.



Rates are defined for you, in inter or intra company.



Go back to me. I will adapt duration, location and course content.

Who should attend

CTO, COO, technical project manager, project manager, system administrator, developper.


50 % theorie, 50% practice. Course include Hands-on labs on each topics to really understand each concept.

Training Instructor

Mathieu ELIE is your instructor. Working with elasticsearch since 2011, and has performance multiple tens of courses on this topic. Know more on your instructor.

Training materials

You will get PDF training materials for all of my courses and code for Hands-on labs.