Elasticsearch consultant

From relevance tuning to performance optimization and operations, working on data model, cluster sizing, trouleshooting.

Search tuning

Relevance tuning of your queries. Get results with precision. Manage your business rules.

Developpement / POC

Development with elasticsearch using my Full stack skills. Building of your proof of concept.

Request performance

Get the best performing request. Performances analyzing and adapation / tuning of your configuration.


Management of your cluster. Monitoring of your system performances, requests response time. Indices management and logs monitoring.


Cluster upgrade and client side / API calls. High availability during upgrade. Deprectated logs monitoring and related actions.


Cluster backup setup. Size and availability management. Monitoring of proper usage.


Setup and predict size of indices, systems (ram/cpu/disk/network), to ensure proper performances.


Debug support to find cause of many issues: queries, error logs, slow queries and other concerns.

Data model

Data design model compliant to best practices, while maintaining performances et application level consistency.

Administration / manage elasticsearch services

  • I work on operational management, administration of elasticsearch.


  • I assist you with the upgrade of your ELK stack.
  • From package updates to data migration if necessary.


  • I set up for you the backup of your indexes, by defining a strategy, a data retention policy, and of course storage optimization.

Sizing / planification storage

  • I can prepare with you the sizing of your solution, on the basis of best practices and possible load tests.

Debug / troubleshoot

  • I will help you find the origin of any problem on your cluster.

Data model

  • I define with you a data model that follows best practices, compliant ECS, scalable and above all consistent with your query constraints.

Full text search tuning

  • I regularly help e-commerce sites and other applications to work on the relevance of their full text queries.
  • Find the right relevance with their business and technical constraints.

Poc development / development

  • Initially Full stack developer I can develop for your a poc, with or without code, ie relying only on the ELK stack.

Efficient requests

  • I can help you find the best performing queries.