ELK / elastic stack consulting

Consultancy around ELK setup, architecture, operations, upgrade, backup, data model and many more, Kibana, Logstash, beats.

ELK stack setup

Setup of your stack, integrated your information system. Data collection with the correct data model (ECS). Manage data life cycle and availability.

Kibana dashboard and visualisation

Visualisation and dashboard design with Kibana based on your data. Advanced custom visualisations with vega.


Architecture design of your stack. Compose with many elements and make them interoperate. Ensure security, availability during upgrade and maintenance.


Analyse of your current stack. Improvment actions, best practices setup, security consulting.


Deployment of logstash following your system requirements. Grok rules setup and other configuration to extract/enrich data from logs.


Beats configuration, secured connexion with other components of the stack. Monitoring of data collection and performances.

Elk setup / integration

  • I assist you with the deployment of your ELK setup and its integration.
  • I will help you to use the elements of the stack (beats, logstash, kibana, elasticsearch), prepare the ECS compliant data model, ensure the lifetime of the events collected, among others.

Kibana: dashboard, dataviz, vega

  • I work on Kibana to create dashboards with your data.
  • I can go to the specific development of custom VEGA visualizations.


  • I help you integrate the elastic stack into your IS. It's about collecting the data well with the least possible impact on your production. Define the points and methods of data collection.
  • It is also essential to properly connect the elements of the stack, manage the load, manage the durability of your events, possibly use a message broker.
  • It will be necessary to find the right methods to observe the more difficult to access elements.
  • Finally, I will help you manage the volume, the scalability, from the start of the chain to the elasticsearch cluster.


  • I audit your current setup, its configuration, its scalability, the configurations of the different elements, followed good practices.
  • The objective is to produce recommendations to fix any possible problem.

Logstash and beats : logs data enrichment

  • Grok configuration, among others to extract data from logstash or possibly via the ingest node.
  • I also configure beats in pre-filtering, data tagging.