Kibana training



  • Architecture. Integration with the whole stack and apps.
  • Uses case: ELK,IOT, apps with search engine.

Dev tools and low level request

  • Request basics: understand how graph are generated
  • Store a document in elasticsearch from devtools kibana.
  • Query DSL and search. How requests are composed.
  • Aggregations et analytics basics.

Index patterns

  • Index selection, index pattern.
  • Minimal configuration
  • Script fields: dynamic data / real time compute


  • Explore and discover data
  • Time selector. Time series data.
  • Search. KQL language, lucene et search bar usage.
  • Filter usage, local and global. Custom filter query.
  • Save et sharing search

Visualisations / graphics

  • Visulaisations common basics
  • Bucket, sub bucket and metrics: être how to choose the correct aggregation.
  • Visualisations tour: Area. Controls. Coordianate Map. Data Table.Gauge. Goal.Heat map. Horizontal bar. Line. Markdown. Metric. Pie. Region map. Tag cloud. Timelion. Vega. Vertical bar. Visual builder.
  • Save and share visualisations.
  • Timelion: why ?
  • Vega: a lot more possibilities

Dashboard: Compose visualisations.

  • Create a dashboard from saved visualisations
  • Filter the dashboard in real time
  • Share and save the dashboard

Other features

  • Spaces.
  • Canvas: infographics.
  • Maps
  • Logs: Tail -F of kibana
  • Administration interface and elasticsearch administration.


2 days