One year of bordeaux city temperature scatter heatmap

Click on the image below to get the original. Last 365 days of temperature of bordeaux city. rows: hours so we have 24 rows columns: days, so the last 365 days circle size: temperature scaled between the colder day and warmer day. Soon you’ll can purchase a serigraphy of my dataviz and maybe dataviz tuned […]

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 18.13.28

Dataviz: less is more or too much

I am graphing the meteo temperature of bordeaux the last 90 days. Each column is a day and each row is an hour. Each circle is the temperature. The size of the circle is the temperature value between the maximum and minimum of the period, this last 90 days. To my mind it is beautilfull […]


Going QWERTY Underground

Now i’m british since 6 months. Not so easy. I discover the underground part of London. Far from tourism places Far from hype / rich / trendy place Popular british places in real life This is a pleasure at this time. Now i have the sensation to be really in another country. It is not […]