Hand crafted data visualization services. d3.js based. Easy data collect, process and store powered by my data architect skills.


Elasticsearch consulting. Training, ELK setup, dev on production and proof of concepts. Perfect solution for full text search and analytics.


Development of NoSQL based architectures. Data store / flow with MongoDB, redis, RabbitMQ and so on. Make your choice.


Going QWERTY Underground

Now i’m british since 6 months. Not so easy. I discover the underground part of London. Far from tourism places Far from hype / rich / trendy place Popular british places in real life This is a pleasure at this time. Now i have the sensation to be really in another country. It is not […]

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Data and context on beehive life and monitoring

  Without humans data is nothing. I would say without humans dataviz is nothing. Humans brings context to dataviz, knowing more parameters which could impact the data, the graph, and visualized objects. Openbeelab   I work for Openbeelab at my spare time, a wonderful project  on monitoring beehouses and maybe tomorrow help reduce bees disparition. […]