Data Visualization Freelance

I am Mathieu

What I Do


The best system to take decisions, with the wider knowledge of context and its own feelings is you .

without humans, data is nothing

What i do

I build awesome handcraft data visualizations



Find the data


I locate, grab, store or query your data.

We together take a tour of your sources of data, check for its format, find a way to store it or query it.

I identify the data life cycle, quality, accuracy.


Explore the data 


I explore your data from many sides, with many iterations, and with your feedback to extract  values, patterns, correlations, tendencies..


 Build the data visualization


I produce the best visualization tools to explore or showcase what your data mean for you or your customer.

I produce both interactive data visualization with real time data, and fixed data visualization with static dataset or finalized graphics.



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