I work on elasticsearch since 2011. I was freelancer as full stack developer on daylimotion co-founder new project. Elasticsearch was in beta version and not so much people know it. Then i got many clients on this technology.

I gave many talks.

I am instructor since 20414 and mainly in 2016, for public sector, IT ,army…

My talks:
– Data vizualisation: d3.js + sinatra + elasticsearch http://fr.slideshare.net/mathieue/data-vizualisation-d3js-sinatra-elasticsearch
– dataviz on d3.js + elasticsearch http://fr.slideshare.net/mathieue/dataviz-on-d3js-elasticsearch

I was engaged in many project:

– training
– live cluster debug performance
– backend dev with ruby on rails
– workshop
– installation and data model consulting

I you want to know more about me:

– site internet: http://www.mathieu-elie.net

My elasticsearch course: http://www.mathieu-elie.net/fr/formation-elasticsearch/