I work in IT only since 2007 (8 years). I joined a successful startup in bordeaux / France (acquired for 38 million dollars / 2009) as a self taught front-end developer. In an ajax environment on million users production like orange and virgin media, i then joined the backend team working on a massive asynchronous API calls environment. Then i took a database architect position porting the whole app on a PostrgesSQL clustering system. In 2009, new position in a leading web agency in bordeaux / France where i took in charge all the development and deployment of the website of the biggest wine event worldwide, from phone app notification scheduling to external SI integration. One and a half year later, in July 2011 i decided to work for myself.

I created my own french company, IOdump, for my consulting activities as well my own online apps.I worked as technical architect taking in charge the whole platform of new startups of already succeeding IT entrepreneur like dailymotion co-founder. Since 2011, i worked on ruby on rails production with NoSQL solutions like CouchDB and elasticsearch, redis and so on.

I made several presentations on topics like data visualization, elasticsearch, d3.js, ruby, html5 and open data. I made elasticsearch consulting for companies like SNCF, data visualization coaching for leading freelancers, technical bloguing, various consulting on specific points, data visualization development and full stack setup from design to production. I’m used to hackerspace, playing with arduino and bot and grabbing data from sensors for analyzing with my own visualizations.

In 2013 i built oneplaylist.fm from scratch: 10 servers, ruby on rails, elasticsearch cluster, redis, millions of playlists and millions of api calls scheduled by days. in 2015 production is still alive until may and user base growing as traffic and revenue generation with many thousands of visitors a days.

In 2013 i have co-won the hackcess sncf hackathon building a configurable route planner api in less than 48 hours. The app noway.io plan adapted route to an infinit number of disabilities profiles.

Since december 2014, i’m mainly based in London and started my new consultancy company stack eleven with a main purpose: dealing with today massive huge it innovation flows.