Using kibana as a generic elasticsearch app explorer

I’ve first used kibana as a tool for visualizing logs collected by logstash on my server.

The tool has seriously evolved since a year (or two i dont’  know ;)).

Now its creator is engaged by the elasticsearch company itself. Its a good news for the project: we can imagine he will dedicate full time to kibana, fixinx bugs and developing new features.

Some kibana properties:

  • full web app: only javascript
  • talk to elasticsearch http rest interface
  • configurable dashboard
  • mulitple wigets
  • share you dashborad conf (or save) with json configration files
  • manage multpile queries for comparison in each widget
  • handle timestamped data: if you have a field with a date type, set it in conf and get benefits of zoomable histograms
  • many more …
Now i use kibana for other projects, i mean not only for logs.
Here is a screenshot of my arduino dataviz project. I collect 3 sensors data each second. We have one graph per sensor and we can see date histogram on 5 days with 30 seconds resolutions.


Capture d écran 2013 11 02 à 12 51 21


Before developing my dataviz (angularjs + d3.js) i use kibana to quickly visualize data.

You really should have a look at kibana on the official site.


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