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Yes indeed my english is far for being perfect but i decided to blog again in english. Its better to do stuff than doing nothing. Its the first priority. So here i am.

Tech news ?

More and more tech… days after days. Even the best CTO and any technical architect can’t handle the load. That why i can help. For years i loved to watch any new techno and read feedback from other startup stacks. I will pursue my own habits and share it on my blog. The format will more a “blogging for myself” type but i know lot of readers will love it.

Ruby on rails still in da place

node.js is cool but for serious development the express framework and any other in node eco-system have no comparison. with ruby on rails you have so many gems, i mean community contributions as plugin… For example for varnish cache, any NoSQL databases, deployment, data administration….

With ruby on rails you can have a prototype in less than a week. You can show something to your investorsand test your market.

So i see the ruby community gaining more interest last month and feeding the gap whith node.js, even more for serious dev.

My Apps

Still working on oneplaylist baby, the version 2 after full pivotation ! Playlist converter is doing well and lot of improvements are coming with backend code ( yes today it’s only front js ).

I have so many ideas around playlist focus apps, i will code lot of them the next year.


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