Redis at Disqus – Feedback one year ago

Disqus feedback on Redis one year before 

In this post they demonstrate how a NoSQL solution could be the best one for the “only” job its made for.

They have a knowledge of what happened on system side “CPU, Nework IOs, etc..” for a particular DB query. Every dev / system user should know that, as far as possible.

– Storing items by day with keys like:  comments_by_day:disqus:disqus:2011-01-01. Then a mget is performed on all wanted keys.

– Why Redis?

The difference for us is that our sets can easily contain tens of thousands of elements each. 

– Sharding on user ID’s modulo / redis instances count -> redis instance number

– Migrating counters and sets from Postrges to Redis. Counters and sets are the perfect jobs for Redis.

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