#hackess hackathon was a great experience for a noble cause: help people with different handicaps to travel better around Paris.

I’ve met great people from openstreetmap and now understand how they are compared to wikipedia contributor.

I’ve met very good techies from Paris. It was the opportunity to release a service in   less than 24 hours.

With our team, we have provided a wrapper around open source tools like osrm. So we give an api endpoint for each routing profiles you have already submitted to our api.

We hope the project will continue, so stay tuned !

osrm + openstreetmap + node.js + redis

Provide a route planner api configurable by profile.


hackcess hackathon


  • compile osrm
  • create index with custom openstreetmap maps
  • develop an api with node.js + redis
  • add background processing in node.js for map compilation


  • linux
  • node.js
  • redis
  • osrm