During the vinci hackathon in Bordeaux, i have join the excelerate team to handle all the development part of the project.

This is a mobile web app.

  1. it detects your location
  2. it locates the nearest “car relais parc”, sorted by distance.
  3. you can cycle to all destination alternatives.
  4. the real time traffic layer give you hints: does i choose a way with traffic jam (in red) ?

The map is rendered with leaflet.

Route planning is done with osrm engine (and then render the encoded way on the map).

The geo point are stored in elasticsearch. Then a geo_distance filter query is performed to find the nearest (relais parc).

Try this online demo !

#hackathon elasticsearch + node.js + leaflet + osrm

Use map overlays to show routes to alternative destinations. The user can visually detects where route overlap traffic jam.  Elasticsearch and geo point help us find the nearest POI to our location , ordered by distance. OSRM engine give us route to destination in car.


Vinci Hackathon / Bordeaux – France


  • design elasticsearch mappings
  • call OSRM routing engine
  • handle multiple layers (wps, osrm routes,mapbox) in leaftlet and user interations.


  • elasticsearch
  • leaflet
  • node.js
  • OSRM