elasticsearch consultant

elasticsearch consulting

Production setup, production debug, proof of concept development… I can help you managing correctly your elasticsearch server, making efficient requests, tune the results from research….

elasticsearch training

One day or two training workshops. I will cover the basis of elasticsearch: indexing documents, querying and cluster administration.

I can cover a requested topic.

More info on elasticsearch training.

ELK stack integration – elasticsearch / logstash / kibana

Get insights from any application gathering logs from your server and making kibana dashboards.

Now you can monitor functional parts of your website with a small investment in time and money.

Case Study: How Hulu Scaled Serving 4 Billion Videos Using Redis via @gopivotal

Great post from hulu scaliing experience, relying a lot on redis…

beginning node with mocha + growlnotify + github + travis

Years after years we have to learn new language. What we…

more and more impressed by the node community

I have to admit…. since not a too long time i though that node…