elasticsearch consultant

elasticsearch consulting

Production setup, production debug, proof of concept development… I can help you managing correctly your elasticsearch server, making efficient requests, tune the results from research….

elasticsearch training

One day or two training workshops. I will cover the basis of elasticsearch: indexing documents, querying and cluster administration.

I can cover a requested topic.

More info on elasticsearch training.

ELK stack integration – elasticsearch / logstash / kibana

Get insights from any application gathering logs from your server and making kibana dashboards.

Now you can monitor functional parts of your website with a small investment in time and money.

node + elasticsearch == it will scale.. or not !!!

I was talking with someone who sait its ok he will scale because…

One year of bordeaux city temperature scatter heatmap

Click on the image below to get the original. Last 365 days…

Going QWERTY Underground

Now i'm british since 6 months. Not so easy. I discover the underground…