node + elasticsearch == it will scale.. or not !!!

I was talking with someone who sait its ok he will scale because the dev is done with node on top of elasticsearch: it is totally wrong !
  • architecture is not only about database and language
  • a node code could not scale, it can be heavy very fast
  • we don t talk about the load -> it can go very high today
  • what about multi datacenter ? the lag between europe and usa or asia is notable
  • elasticsearch don t scale so easily and lineary: be aware of the product documentation ! it is an ideal world
  • what about the load balancer ?
  • what about the shared instances / data / concurrency between the node process
  • what does the node process do ? it can be anything and make all the difference ! todo it is rare it is only an async tcp server !
So take care each time someone say it will surely scale, for any reason, it is suspicious !