Nice prez of shay banon @kimchy, founder of @elasticsearch hosted by @ZenikaIT

Shay banon, creator and founder of elasticsearch give us a nice take at Zenika office.

Opportunity for me te review many things and confirm presentations are a complementary and to my advice a great boost for your learning curve.

  • talk about sharding and replication basics
  • how requests are routed to shards and replicas (essential to understand system performance)
  • use aliases on index
  • some usecases and common patterns to desing your system
  • and many good questions et the end of the talk

Shay launch some nice troll i’ve really enjoyed:

  • competitors ? who ? : yes, i dont know them too, he should be right
  • nice info on poorly implemented http client. http is ok for perf…. but implementation in ruby, python and so on….
  • on key value get, es is fastest than a lot of other key value search…. ;)  like this one (index and proper caching power!!)

what i think

This tool is really great. When you see all possible applications (more than search ;) ) you could tend to use it as your main datastore but…

  • es is for search, high availability, so think about consistency….
  • it an index. high write cost, super fast reads. putting data in it could take a while….

I’m going to use it for a dataviz on open data. Super handy: grab jsons and push, query in realtime, have facets… and histograms !!!

  • I like a lot the automatic mapping to types (dates, timestamps and so on….)
  • For low writes / read only data its perfect.
  • I like a lot the automatic mapping to types (dates, timestamps and so on….).
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