more and more impressed by the node community

I have to admit…. since not a too long time i though that node is mainly great at asynchronous IO. But for async IO i can do a great work in ruby with event-machine or the same on another language.

But i decided to get more involved and began to code small client project backend and my latest hackathon participation in node.js

And yes i’m impressed bu the community:

  • huge package repository
  • contribs for amqp,  queue workers or other hipsters hackers technos
  • great tests frameworks
  • package manager on the top
Community is essential for a language, and this community is big and super dynamic.
We have also large production running successfully node at large scale for more than a year
js is great
The language itself seems (please wait for my advice..) give enough pleasure than ruby and even more !
To code with high level packages makes node code super compact and easy to read.
So yes node dev in on top of my big todo list !


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