Going QWERTY Underground

Now i’m british since 6 months. Not so easy. I discover the underground part of London.

  • Far from tourism places
  • Far from hype / rich / trendy place
  • Popular british places in real life

This is a pleasure at this time. Now i have the sensation to be really in another country. It is not the case in Canary Wharf or Liverpool street.

Tech part

  • Now i have to be used to my nez keyboard layout
  • I have made some choice for my career
  • I work so remotely that i could be elsewhere
  • Adaptation leaked a huge part of my professional energy
  • I’m going to explore the cheap / raw / internet of object tech way
  • I’m going to be a remote extremist
  • I’m going to be a “tracer’, fan of events around Europe
  • I’m going to take time to work less and better, and think more
  • I’m going to use the slow tranport like bus and so on

I think this new adventure begin just now.

Thank all for following my tech life ;)