Event report – “Objectif Cloud” by Nicolas De Loof at the Bordeaux JUG

I was yesterday at the bordeaux JUG (Java user group) for the conference “Objectif Cloud” by Nicolas de Loof.

  • A very goog conference about Neo4j, the graph database is incoming at the jug
  • Nicolas was a contributor to maven and is a co-author of the book of “Apache Maven”. Engineer at cloudbees.
  • The question: where to deploy ?
  • Jenkins could be used as a “reomte control via ssh system”
  • I should take a look at builder and chef….
  • Cloud ?
    • Elastic and fast (get server instance in minutes)
    • Self service
    • Shared ressources
    • Standard network access (ip / http …)
    • Measure service for billing (io / network io / ram ….)
  • IaaS -> Paas -> Saas -> there is a big gap !
  • Cloudbees product wrap a lot of stuff: do one thing one time the best way and share it
    • mongodb
    • couchdb
    • mysql
    • loadbalancer
    • monitoring
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