Data visualization with d3.js, coffeescript and backbone.js

Twitter graph viz is my demo of an interactive data visualization integrally based on the browser.

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Here is the technos:


d3.js: a javascript lib around the browser svg tag. This “data oriented” lib is amazing and is a really good choose for data viz coders.


backbone.js: this a mvc framework on browser side. And yes it’s really usefull now that more and more logic go from servers to client side. I work with it not since a long time and found it really great despite of the “complexity”.


coffeescript: Yes javascript coding can s*cks but you can generate / compile javascript from coffeescript. This language is similar to ruby, a little of python and a very little of lisp. You will really love hacking your browser code!

ruby on rails on heroku

ruby on rails on heroku: here is user ruby on rails just for assets but it do a great job with this. It compiles coffeescript and saas and serves assets minized and so on. Pushing my application on heroku the PaaS provider was done in minutes. Heroku hosting is free for only a web worker. Great news because my app do nothing on server side and make all calls directly to twitter !

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