Cinchcast Architecture via @highscalability

Some interesting things about the high scalability guest post of Cinchast CTO.

Cinchcast Architecture – Producing 1,500 Hours of Audio Every Day

(Via High Scalability – Building bigger, faster, more reliable websites.)

  • 1,500 hours of audio content created each day
  • Peak rate of 40,000 concurrent requests per second
  • 100 hardware nodes in production
  • data center for production – cloud for staging and tests / QA
  • MS SQL
  • Redis for caching and pub / sub
  • NodesJS (servers
  • elasticsearch
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  • Ok for hot technologies but only when needed
  • Caching assets at CDN level
  • Migrate for SQL Server to elacticsearch for test search
  • Logging ! the way to detect issues
  • Reinventing the wheel ! yes, sometimes do it yourself and master it is better to manage a buggy black box

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