Tech news: Blogging, ruby on rails, my apps

Blogging Yes indeed my english is far for being perfect but i decided to blog again in english. Its better to do stuff than doing nothing. Its the first priority. So here i am. Tech news ? More and more tech… days after days. Even the best CTO and any technical architect can’t handle the […]

node + elasticsearch == it will scale.. or not !!!

I was talking with someone who sait its ok he will scale because the dev is done with node on top of elasticsearch: it is totally wrong ! architecture is not only about database and language a node code could not scale, it can be heavy very fast we don t talk about the load […]

Bordeaux meteo dataviz upgrade: humidity, wind direction, wind speed

  Working on my heat plot dataviz. there is more wind during the day more humidity at night with a correlation with temperature and so on… The serigraphy effect is efficient to show patterns over time series data.