Moving playlist converter to ruby on rails latest

My successful playlist converter application is at this time full browser js. That means there no backend, and so no backend logic even for api calls. This application, a playlist converter from one streaming service to another need to make lot of api calls to each service. This api calls make search for each tracks, […]

I love mosh. Keep your terms up.

I’m using mosh. This app is incredible. It keeps your terms up and even up again after an internet disconnection. It uses UDP and of course both server and client side app. The daemon mosh runs on your server (every distributions) and on client you don’t ssh but Super handy, free and clean.

tech news: oneplaylist baby, architecture, elasticsearch

OnePlaylist Baby Just started the development of the successor of my application OnePlaylist. There will be more than one app to be precise but this is the first one and colser to OnePlaylist after pivot. OnePlaylist had more than 4000 visitors a day, so i hope more for the successor on a longuer term: 3 […]