Why elasticsearch is one of your best friends for dataviz

1 It is easy to install and start. Of course it is your friend if you are a techie but installing elasticsearch for simple dataviz purpose is very easy. On debian, ubuntu and maybe Centos you have preinstalled package. You can even dezip the source archive and launch ! 2 You can store any csv […]

Arduino + ruby over serial

Sometimes world of embedded devices are not really far from ruby world. I’m currently playing with sensor data and arduino. Sensor data and data science can be amazing. Getting some insights from data of real world. Statistics on sound level snapshots for example… and try to detect wider context from small and poor data. So […]

A list of technologies i loved to work with

Time is runing out and after 8 years spent as an IT professional with more than 4 years for myself here is the technos i worked with. – ruby on rails – django – express.js – node.js – d3.js – angular.js – javascript – coffeescript – websocket – redis – MongoDB – elasticsearch – CouchDB […]