beginning node with mocha + growlnotify + github + travis

Years after years we have to learn new language. What we capitalize is the ability to start with good practice and a comfortable dev environment.

So this time, i’m going to play with node.


I create a repository on github first, and then clone on deskstop. Its time to open source, no more excuses !

Testing with mocha + growl

  • mocha is a good testing framework for javascript and quite agnostic
  • add chai (assertions) and sinon (mocking)
  • mocha super growl notifications: each time your it command + S you got a pop up with tests status. It really help the satisfaction of the coder seeing is test passing.


  • my github account is linked to travis
  • each time i commit the linked project is build
  • travis send me a mail if test passed or not
  • and i can display a travis icon with test status !


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