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Working on the first hive connected artwork

What is the difference between data visualization and art ? And do we need really a difference ? Data visualization gain all its value from the visual part of our brain, the part of insights, feeling, far away from low analytics though. Data visualization need to be appealing, attractive, to make the reader do an […]

Workshop dataviz: qu’est-ce que c’est ? à quoi ça sert ?

La “data visualization”: qu’est ce que c’est ? à quoi ça sert ? Tout le monde ne connait pas forcément le terme, et pour ceux qui en ont déjà entendu parlé, bien souvent  il ne savent  pas du tout à quoi cela peut correspondre. Et surtout: quel intérêt ? Je vous propose donc un workshop pour […]

Data and context on beehive life and monitoring

  Without humans data is nothing. I would say without humans dataviz is nothing. Humans brings context to dataviz, knowing more parameters which could impact the data, the graph, and visualized objects. Openbeelab   I work for Openbeelab at my spare time, a wonderful project  on monitoring beehouses and maybe tomorrow help reduce bees disparition. […]

New freelance site up !

After now 3 years of freelancing as a developer / architect for many boostrapping startups and other companies, the adventure continue with data visualization. I first had some demands in data visualization. I have realized too that there is a brand new and amazing market rising. And the last but not least i really love […]

Visualize music through flames #dataviz

Sound vibration pressure make flames moving accordingly. I’m not sure we can talk about data because we do not have computer data. But we can talk about data visualization because the flames are a representation of sounds signals. so it makes me thinking about my arduino again. And if i could control flames size with […]

elasticsearch basics workshop – all commands

The command line history for my elasticsearch basics workshop: