Array in ruby short tutorial: ruby way for ruby noobs

Arrays in ruby the ruby way (with code blocks).

Instanciate an array from words

[cc lang=”ruby”] >> els = %w(one two three four five) => [“one”, “two”, “three”, “four”, “five”] [/cc]

Iterate over the array

[cc lang=”ruby”] >> els.each { |el| puts el } one two three four five [/cc]

Build an array invoking a code block on each element

[cc lang=”ruby”] >> { |el| el.reverse } => [“eno”, “owt”, “eerht”, “ruof”, “evif”] [/cc]

Return only elements matching a criteria

[cc lang=”ruby”] >> { |el| el =~ /t/ } => [“two”, “three”] [/cc]

Reject all elements matching a criteria

[cc lang=”ruby”] >> els.reject { |el| el =~ /t/ } => [“one”, “four”, “five”] [/cc]

Combine all elements applying a code block

[cc lang=”ruby”] >> els.inject(‘my elements are’) { |str, el| str += ‘ ‘ + el } => “my elements are one two three four five” [/cc]

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