Arduino + ruby over serial

Sometimes world of embedded devices are not really far from ruby world.

I’m currently playing with sensor data and arduino. Sensor data and data science can be amazing. Getting some insights from data of real world. Statistics on sound level snapshots for example… and try to detect wider context from small and poor data.

So pushing the information to internet is a bigger concern. I use the cc3000 wifi component but i need to code the server side and higher volume or rate of data seams to be more difficult.

So why not get directly data from serial ? It is just having the arduino board connected to the USB of my mac and using a devices like this: /dev/cu.usbmodem14111

Here is the code to print characters received:


The serial ruby gem

Its time to bench and try to push data the faster way possible ;) … can be interesting for snapshot of mean sonor level for example…

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