A list of technologies i loved to work with

Time is runing out and after 8 years spent as an IT professional with more than 4 years for myself here is the technos i worked with.

– ruby on rails

– django

– express.js

– node.js

– d3.js

– angular.js

– javascript

– coffeescript

– websocket

– redis

– MongoDB

– elasticsearch

– CouchDB

– Cassandra

– mysql

– posgresql

– haproxy

– nginx

– apache2

– monit

– ansible

– arduino

– Titanium

– Rest / APIs

– leaflet


– kibana

– Resque

List is not really complete but it is extracted from my portfolio.

Ok looks great but can we think about that ? what do i learn ? what do i will change in my futur tech life ?

Techno is good

We live in a tech world going faster. Sometimes lot of your fellows and collegue will say its too much: focus on one techno, do it well and thats it… Afterall i say no.

When you learn new techno:

  • you never get bored of your job.
  • you stay up to date: better than being really good at one techno.
  • technos are different but there commons skills, a commom capital.
  • remember best startups where made fron scratch from fee ingineer doing everything…. you focus one techno ? really ? how many hours a day ? how many geeking on movies and so one ?

On my side i think it takes times to become indepedent from socially accepted bad advises… I left some times being specialized… data visusalization for example while the domain can be limited.. just add some NoSQL engine below, some sensors data with arduinos and you get a whole new world keeping you motivated !

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